Monday, February 19, 2018


women are too busy that they do not have enough time to focus on their diet and health care. Therefore, they search for the reviews/comments and visit Yakson House because of continuous weight gain and bad skin.

Ms. Kim, a client of Yakson House who lives in Seoul, says,

"I am so impressed every time I visit Yakson House. I just got home after receiving my fourth-session today. Every time I go there, my body and mind get healed for sure! Few days ago, I have added facial care in addition to my previous body care, and I found this care really cool and satisfying."

So, why is Yakson House more praised than other beauty therapies?

Because it provides differentiated bone therapy from the existing ordinary massage. The bone massage therapy stimulates the bones of the customers with fingertips to help the blood circulation and health, as well as creating the ideal shape and beauty which the customers will be satisfied with.

<Yakson's Signature Care - Face Resizing Care>

Ms. Kim also added,

"I think it was the best and happiest choice in my life to have Yakson’s programs. I would like to have a lifetime program in the future! At first, I thought it was expensive, but now I appreciate Yakson House which provides me more happiness and healing time. I’ve never experienced this before. Moreover, as I get older, I felt like my cheekbones got widened and popped out. Also, my face was becoming more and more curved as I get older. I disliked that. However, Yakson found a solution for my big worry! Indeed, my body and mind got healed from Yakson’s sincere care."

"I think that all of the therapists in Yakson House are very professional and enthusiastic. Whenever I receive the massage care, I found the warm touch is so refreshing that I cannot really compare it with elsewhere. Also, the whole face became to be small and feminine, and the cheekbone lines got smooth and organized."

<Yakson's Signature Care - Pretty Body Care>

"I am happy and hopeful that I could become more beautiful and healthier if I don’t miss my sessions in Yakson House every week! I have not had a lot of sessions yet, but my friends already recognized that my face looks different now and became prettier than before. I was so happy about it!"

So, if one has experienced this kind of facial / body care, she will find out the goodness/effect of Yakson! It is loved not only by general customers but also by many Korean celebs. Meet the miraculous beauty that you can see through the bone therapy of Yakson.

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