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Today, Yakson will be sharing some nice beauty tips that you can refer to. It is normal for all women in the world to have some greed to be more beautiful. So! Try to keep these tips in mind and try to apply them in your daily styling/caring for yourself.

How to Get Long Hair, ASAP

Adjust Your Diet

A healthy diet that incorporates a mix of protein and nutrients can improve the condition of your hair,” says celebrity hairstylist and NYC salon owner Julien Farel. He explains that balanced eating keeps follicles strong and prevents the hair from breaking easily. Dr. Gervaise Gerstner, MD, a board-certified NYC cosmetic and medical dermatologist, advises to incorporate omega-3 oils. She says, “I recommend salmon or supplements. Nuts are a good source, too, especially almonds.”

Get Smart About Styling

It’s a fact well-acknowledged that heat can be wildly damaging to hair, especially when it’s already compromised, so limiting the use of a flat iron or curling wand to three times a week is best, says Dr. Gerstner. She also advises limiting exposure to sunlight, as it can strip the hair, and blow drying, adding, “A weekly deep conditioner masque is a good idea to keep hair as healthy as possible.” According to Farel, many hair care products include the same stripping ingredients as detergents, so it’s vital to choose wisely.

Try Vitamins and Conditioning Ingredients

Phytantriol, arginine and fish oil, and biotin aid in the production of enzymes and hormones, which can help stimulate hair growth,” says Farel, who suggests his “hero” product line, Julien Farel Restore. The cleanse/treat/condition routine is designed to push regenerating anti-aging ingredients, like hyaluronic acid, deeper into the follicle, scalp and hair, which helps prolong the hair’s growth phase.

In addition, Dr. Gerstner recommends the use of supplements like Viviscal, which includes biotin, vitamin C, and a special complex of shark powder known as AminoMar, to help aid hair growth and scalp stimulation.

How to Grow Out Your Bangs

Get a trim—and commit to getting them regularly.
We know—it seems a little counter-intuitive to advise you to get haircuts as you’re trying to grow your bangs out. But trust us: getting your bangs trimmed regularly is not only a good way to keep your hair healthy, it helps blend your fringe into the rest of your hair far more easily.

Embrace dry shampoo.
Not only does dry shampoo keep your hair grease-free, it also adds texture and hold—which is exactly what you want when you’re growing out a fringe. Spray a little dry shampoo through the lengths of your bangs, then style as normal; you’ll be amazed at how much more obedient they are!
Twist, tease and braid.
Pins and headbands aren’t your only fringe-styling options. Once they’ve gotten long enough, you can also braid your bangs to keep them out of your eyes, like Carey Mulligan did back when she was growing out her bangs-heavy pixie cut

How to Get Rid of Blackheads

Exfoliate With Baking Soda.

By doing this, dull skin is buffed away by the microdermabrasion-sized particles of baking soda, getting rid of clogged pores that can lead to blackheads. Simply mix baking soda with water until a paste-like texture is formed. When done regularly, this will aid in ridding the skin of blackheads.
Pore Strips. 
The unsung hero of blackhead-free skin, pore strips are a tale as old as time and it’s because they really work. Simply wet the area of skin you wish to treat, apply the strip and let it dry for 15 minutes. When you’re ready to peel it off, we suggest pulling it off like you would a bandage: Swiftly, and with as little pain as possible. What’s left behind in the strip will most likely gross you out, but it’s better to be on the strip than on your skin.

Clay Masks. 
Masks that are clay-based draw out the impurities in our skin much like a suction cup. Think of clay as a magnet that draws out the blackheads in your skin. By regularly using a deep cleaning clay mask, you’ll start to see amazing results.

In Yakson House, you can experience massage and skin care at the same time. So, why don’t you try to love yourself with some heartful cares of Yakson? Yakson is always here to serve you! ^-^

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