Thursday, December 14, 2017


Hello! It’s Yakson again.

Today, let’s talk about a miraculous sleep diet that loses weight when you lie down and sleep!

Binge on the weekend and starve again from Monday. This is many women’s general diet routine. Have you also been repeating this routine to lose weight?

But the problem is that there are so many delicious foods in the world and your appetite is getting bigger!

In addition, there is no time for work-out. So, Yakson will tell you how to lose weight even if you are lying down, especially for those who do not want to exercise more than breathing.

Even if you just lie down, you can lose weight! Can’t believe that? Let’s know about sleeping diet!

Although you close your eyes and sleep comfortably, is it possible to lose some weight? That's a really exciting story, isn’t it?

Our body consumes calories while sleeping and discharges body wastes.

The melatonin hormone not only induces the sleep but also the secretion of fat metabolism, so one feels full. Moreover, it helps burn fat cells.

Researchers at the Biorhythm Research Institute in Boulder, Colorado, USA, have investigated the relationship between sleeping time and body weight. Specifically, it was revealed that if the sleeping time is insufficient, there will be higher possibility for you to gain weight.

So let's find out how to do the sleeping diet properly.

1. Be bathed in the sun during the day to secrete melatonin hormone which induces sleep.
As mentioned earlier, melatonin hormone stimulates the secretion of fat metabolism as well as inducing sleep, fullness and helps burn fat cells.

2. Do not exercise 6 hours before going to sleep.
Muscles tend to disturb the sleep when they are tensed.

3. Do not eat food 4 hours before sleep.
You can’t fall asleep because of the digestive intestine while sleeping.

4. Until you fall asleep, you should refrain from TVs, smartphones, and computers that excite your nerves.
The afterimage of the screen remains in your brain that makes it difficult to induce a good night's sleep.

5. Lie down straight and tie your big toes so that your posture is straight and is not disturbed.
This routine helps to fix the posture during sleep.

6. Extend your arm up.
By this routine, whole body is stretched and blood circulation will be smooth.

7. Use pillows of appropriate height.
High pillows disrupt blood circulation.

8. Darken the light in your bedroom. Bright lights disrupt your sleep.
However, this sleeping diet routine is most ideal to do from 11:00 pm to 7:00 am and 8 hours a day to sleep is most effective.

Sleeping diet that helps you lose weight while sleeping! However, why not combine Yakson’s Body Weight Care with good quality sleeping in the daily life?

Yakson’s Body Weight Care is one of the easy ways to lose weight by just laying down and relax!

It is a program to help you lose weight based on bone therapy by identifying the causes of gaining weight.

By making barely-used-muscles exercise/work by themselves and by analyzing the cause of gaining fat, we will change your body constitution into slim type that does not easily gain fat.

We hope you will succeed in your diet with the bone therapy from our skillful masters who completed the official training of Yakson!

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