Tuesday, December 26, 2017


A lot of women have always been dieting to achieve their desired shapes even it is hard or not.

Diet is always close but is actually NOT easy!

Diet news are pouring out from various media and information about diet is overflowing.

Also, some people have many different experiences of diet and their own know-how!

However, there is tendency for you to lose your health if you just follow this information without enough consideration.

So, today Yakson prepared the five wrong diet common sense ideas that you should know.

So now, let's see what those are!

[NO!] Reduce Carbs to Lose Weight

People sometimes limit carbohydrate intake because of the false information that says limiting carbs can reduce weight.

This is a very dangerous idea.
Carbohydrates are the first source of energy to our body.

Recently, carbohydrates are becoming the main cause of obesity, but not all carbohydrates are bad.

Unconditionally Cutting Carbohydrates is Harmful to Your Health.

White wheat flour and sugar are suggested to be avoided as much as possible, but bread made from whole grains such as brown rice or oats is rich in nutrients and fiber, which helps with diet.

You need to eat good carbohydrates from whole grains, legumes, and vegetables to have energy in your body.

[NO!] You Can Quickly Lose Weight If You Eat Frequently

There is a story that if you eat more often, many times a day, you can improve your metabolism which can help in losing weight.

But the important thing is NOT how many times a day you eat, but the total calorie intake.

If you eat too often, you would have an excessive amount of calories and eventually you will not be able to consume calories in proportion to the amount you eat.

Frequently eating diet can cause adverse effects and can lead to an unwanted weight gain! Do not forget it.

[NO!] If You Exercise a Lot for Muscles, Your Shape Becomes Like a Man

Muscle exercises using instruments such as weights, barbells, bench presses, etc., usually remind us of large, muscular men.

However, proper weight training and proper food intake make the body look slimmer and healthier.

Women do not have the same muscles as men because they have lower testosterone levels and fewer muscle fibers than men, even if they exercise like a man.

[NO!] Snacks Are Bad at All

Eating snacks around 4pm will help with your diet.

Bearing hunger increases the risk of overeating, especially with fatty foods at dinner.

But you need to check the type of snacks.
It is better to eat nuts and fruits such as walnuts and almonds instead of processed foods such as sweets.

[NO!] Even Though Eating a Lot of Fruits, It’s Just Okay

Do not forget it.
If you eat a lot of ANYTHING, you will get fat!

When taking a lot of sugar and carbohydrates in your fruits, your weight will increase.

In addition, sugar and carbohydrates are converted into triglycerides in your body, causing hyper-pigmentation, which can be a cause of cardiovascular disease.

So, it is desirable to take proper amount of fruit.

Wow, the world of diet is more difficult than you expected, right?

So what are the healthy and right diet methods?

The Right Diet Common Sense Ideas Suggested by YAKSON!

Start Doing Diet with “Body Weight Care” of Yakson House.

To make a beautiful and well-balanced body, professional and delicate care is required!

We will maintain a balanced and resilient body so that your beautiful body line will always shine even when wearing any clothes.

So far, you have learned about five wrong diet common sense ideas together with YAKSON.

Severe diet is absolutely NO-NO! Do not forget that the most important thing is your health.

Start to create the “healthy beauty” with YAKSON!

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