Friday, October 6, 2017


Celebrities' healthy and shiny hair is the attractive point that many guys like. Many women would have dreamed to achieve the beautiful long hair at least once in their life time. Is there any effective way to cure and recover the damaged hair?

Let's find out how to care your hair in order to achieve healthy and beautiful hair, together with "Yakson House".

For your hair, the best way is to avoid the dry environment. If your hair is dried and exposed to external stimuli, it will cause a lot of damage. It is like the principle that when hair is wet, it must be combed to prevent damage to hair.

Then, the hair that is shampooed almost every day, what should be the right way? It is best to wash your hair once every 2-3 days. It is also important to have plenty of water on the scalp and hair before shampooing and having conditioner. This is because the water prevents shampoo and conditioner (which contain a large amount of surfactant), directly enter into the scalp.

Also, shampoo and conditioner should be used with a lot of foam. Bubbles play a role in eliminating body waste materials in the pores. However, the conditioner, which has the tendency of blocking the air and pores, should be softly applied only to the hair part so that it does not touch the scalp.

If you already have damaged hair, I recommend the white-of-an-egg pack and the yolk hair treatment. The whites are a protein component, and the yolk has a lot of fat components, so it can be used as a proper nutrition supply for the hair that needs the protein and fat component. After putting the white and yolk hair treatment, put the hair cap on for about 10-15 minutes and then wash it with the shampoo and conditioner, and it is easy possible way to care your hair at home with simple steps.

Hair products that are readily available on the market are more chemical than natural materials, but have the advantage of being well absorbed through the chemical components added in. There are a variety of products such as hair treatments, hair essences, and hair packs. If the end-part of your hair is damaged, you can use a product that can strengthen your hair root. If your hair got thinner, you can use a product that can supply some protein to your hair.

Especially when summer is coming, you must avoid strong sunlight. When hair is exposed to ultraviolet rays, hair and skin aging is promoted. Moreover, ultraviolet rays, which are applied to hair, critically weaken your hair due to the generalization of hair-coloring and perm. To avoid UV rays, wearing a hat is not recommended because it blocks the pores so it is best to bring a sunshade.
So, why don’t you try the right way of caring your hair mentioned above? In order to achieve the dream of becoming a beauty with silky hair which is also an attractive factor for many guys.

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