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After work, many office workers complain that their legs swell so badly that even their high heels do not fit into their feet. It is because they sit down all day and focus on work. There are also cases that some ladies cannot wear skinny jeans well because their lower body / legs swells too much.

It is a common story to hear from the others around us. The lower body edema symptoms became popular and it is considered as a representative disease of modern people, especially among the ladies. It is a chronic illness that you have to fight for a lifetime for both students and workers who have a lot of sitting time, as well as wrong eating habits.

Lower body edema occurs when the blood circulation is not smooth or the muscles are swollen. Therefore, it is necessary to understand the cause of edema and cope with it. So today, "Yakson House" will tell you about the causes and solutions of lower body edema.

"Cause? My blood circulation is not smooth..."

The underlying cause of lower body edema is a phenomenon caused by poor blood circulation in the lower body. When you sit for a long time in a posture in which the waist and leg are at right angles, circulation in the kidney and the bladder become “not smooth.” If the blood does not circulate well, our body becomes to save water in it, which is like swelling.

In particular, the kidneys and bladder is the organ that acts as a “filter” to sift out the wastes of our body. When sitting, the kidneys and the bladder get too tight to circulate. Therefore, lower body or leg edema occurs, especially for those office workers who sit and continue working for several hours a day.

People with irregular menstruation, with crooked pelvis, or with poor large intestine, etc. are more exposed to lower body edema, if they have poor-functioning organs around their navel. If swollen too often, it is advisable to see obstetrician and have a comprehensive examination before it brings a second disease.

"When stretching in spare time, also do the practicing walking in a straight posture!"

Office workers who always sit for a long time are recommended to have stretching in their spare time. Changing the sitting postures one at a time can also prevent extreme lower body edema. Lift your leg from time to time so that the blood flows smoothly on your legs. It is good to help the blood flow by relaxing the muscles in the standing-up position for about 10 minutes after the working for about 50 minutes.

You should also take care of your usual walking habits. There is high tendency of edema in the legs of those who walk zigzag. If you do not walk straight, your body will not be able to share the power constantly, so there will be difficulty in blood circulation. In particular, people with bent legs are more likely to develop osteoarthritis because they walk with twice of the power of the knee and hip joints, than ordinary people.

Practice straightening your legs consciously. You can fix the erroneous gait by keeping your spine right, looking at the face in front, pulling your chin and buttocks, and continuing to walk on the day. This can give the lower body the same / even force to prevent edema.
You should also pay attention to the food you consume. It is good to drink a lot of water to eliminate edema. Urinating 7 to 8 times a day is effective to improve edema and it is also necessary to eat foods that help diuretic action. Red bean helps to release water and wastes from the body and prevents in accumulation of fat due to excess moisture.

It is a bit troublesome to exercise on stressful days. Most of people would like to go home quickly and lay down in a soft bed and roll around. In this case, why don’t you try to experience the SLIM LEGS CARE program of "Yakson" which will provide you straight legs as well as improving the edema.

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