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When going on a trip or in daily life, the most common and effective way to capture the nice moment of oneself is to have a SELFIE! Especially, your beautiful and confident smile will be a long remembrance over time. But even after years of practice, smiling photogenically is much easier said than done. There are, however, simple ways to look better in photos.

Below, we're highlighting the five tips our editors practice to fake the perfect smile in photos.

1. Smile with your eyes

When it comes to smiling for pictures, the worst offense is flashing a jack-o-lantern: all teeth, no eyes. In order for your smile to look authentic, you've got to bring your eyes into it and give what is called a Duchenne smile. A true Duchenne smile is naturally authentic, since it's very difficult to engage the muscles around the eyes unless you truly have something to smile about. Check out the difference in the mirror. Do you see how much less happy you look when your eyes aren't engaged? When you're smiling for a picture, pretend like you're smiling at someone you love. Your eyes will crinkle convincingly and your smile will look authentically beautiful.

2. Show some teeth.
It's not necessary to give a big, toothy grin, but showing some teeth in your smile will brighten your face. Try showing just your upper teeth, rather than smiling so big that all of your teeth are exposed. If you prefer a close-mouthed smile, that's fine - just know that you'll probably look more serious than everyone else in the picture.

3. Say a word that ends in "uh."
Photographers love to tell their subjects to say "cheese," but this tends to result in "cheesy" photos for two reasons. First, the "ee" sound stretches the mouth into an unnaturally, fake-looking smile. Second, your smile won't look authentic unless you're authentically cheerful, and being told to say cheese causes most people over the age of 8 to feel annoyed. The solution? Think of something you love that ends in an "uh" sound. Pronouncing "uh" causes the lips to form a more natural smile. Thinking of something you love also results in a natural smile. Doing both at the same time will help you produce your most gorgeous expression! For example, if you love a person named Elijah, think of him and say his name when it's time to smile for the camera. Any other person, place or thing works just as well, as long as it brings a smile to your face when you think about it.

4. Feel out an authentic smile.

If you're worried that the expression on your face in pictures tends to look fake, pay attention to how it feels next time your face cracks into a genuine smile - like when someone is making you laugh, or your favorite comedy is cracking you up. Ask yourself the following questions that will help you "memorize" the way your authentic smile feels: What feelings are flooding your brain when you flash a real smile? See if you can recreate those when you're in front of the camera. What position is your face naturally taking? If possible, glance in the mirror before your smile fades and make a mental note of what your genuine smile looks like. When it's time to get your picture taken, try to recreate the facial positioning that come together to create your most winning smile.

      5. Find your best angle.
Facing the camera head-on isn't the most flattering pose for most people. It flattens your features and can cause you to look a bit distorted in the photograph. Instead, show off your pretty bone structure by turning your head slightly to one side. If you have what you would consider a "good" side - a side that makes your features look finer - bare that side to the camera. While angling your face can make your picture look more flattering, it can also look contrived if you overdo it. Make sure your face is tilted at what looks like a natural angle. If possible, stand a bit below the camera, so that it's pointing slightly down at you instead of pointing up.

If you have heard a lot that you have pretty and natural smile, you will not have to worry about your smile. However, if it is a bit challenging for you, let's practice the smile while looking at the mirror. The natural smiling face is made with effort.

Even if you have successfully made a pretty smile by constant practice, if the symmetry of the face is not balanced, it is hard to convey nice impression to the people and to look honest. Asymmetry is usually affected by the usual eating habits, spines, pelvis, and so on. Therefore, it is necessary to manage the whole balance of the body.

A favorable impression can be improved by usual facial expression and muscle workout. It is important to stimulate the facial muscles every day, but it is also essential to relax the muscles and smoothen the blood circulation.

Tips to Look Amazing in Pictures Through Yakson’s Special Care

The deformation of the face is affected by the change of body shape. At this time, balancing with bone therapy can create beautiful body shape and face. When the length of face and cheekbones are asymmetric, and when the left and right mouth corners rise differently when smiling, you can regain self-confidence by balancing the face care from head to toe.

Balanced face care not only gives you confidence in your appearance and selfie, but it also makes you look honest and make a good impression. Above all, you can find a balanced face and body which is very helpful for your health.

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