Friday, September 8, 2017


Do you know the most popular K-drama nowadays - Woman of Dignity?
It is Korean drama that tells about the luxurious life of the second daughter-in-law in a rich family that also shows what genuine elegance and beauty are.
In " Woman of Dignity," there is a scene that shows the main character is having a comfortable conversation near the Han River, while having massage and treatment.

A lot of people, not only people in Korea but also in the Philippines, wondered about the place where the characters enjoyed the refined and luxurious moment.
So, I'll be introducing you Woman of Dignity's attractive place, named "Yakson House." :)

Yakson is well-known aesthetic center in Korea, especially among the people of the highest ranks and celebrities. There are 97 branches in Korea and 20 overseas branches such as Philippines, Japan, China, Singapore, Taipei, Vietnam etc. Yakson has over 35 professional programs for its customers such as Face Resizing Care, Body Shape Care, Facial Balance Care, Special Care etc., in order for them to manage their health and beauty at the same time.

Especially, with the world's greatest know-how, "Face Resizing Care" is already popular which adjusts the bones and muscles to the right place, smoothens blood circulation, and helps body balance to reduce the size of the face. You can have the same treatment of the top-class aesthetic center in Makati, Philippines, as well as in Korea!

One of the best beauty treatments in the world, Yakson is located in Makati, Philippines.
Aside from the Face Resizing Care, there are also Beautiful Legs Care, Pretty Hips and Pelvic Care, Healthy and Slim Weight Care, facial Balance Care, and Postpartum Care (which is very important for women). In Yakson Makati, you will have a gypsum mask to check the size and shape of your face before and after the program so that you can check the great effect and comparison.

Because it is located near Makati Legaspi, or simply put, near the Greenbelt, it is probably the best aesthetic center of the Philippines that you can find easily and conveniently.
If you want to have a small face, a balanced face, or a healthy and beautiful body care, don't hesitate to visit Yakson House in Makati, Philippines! :)

 Yakson Makati Branch : 02)892-9441

 Yakson Singapore  Branch : 6734-8777

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