Thursday, September 14, 2017


Spending some time to get to know new people is very important. However, in this busy modern society, you have to meet a lot of people in a short time, so you tend to judge them with their first impressions. The time of having a stranger's first impression is about 3 seconds to 5 seconds and some people would benefit from their first impression, while some people would not.
The first impression can be considered to be the basis for judging personality and ability. Let's see how you can improve your good impression when you first meet some strangers.

The first impression is a kind of "optical illusion." Depending on which point our senses perceive, one person may either be a favorable person or a negative person. In addition, the information first introduced as a primary effect, has a stronger influence on the overall impression-formation of an individual than the information received later, and it takes several times more energy to change the perceived impression. Especially in the busy modern society, we have to rely heavily on the afterimages of the first impression, so we have to work hard to manage the first impression or look.

One of the important factors to determine one's first impression is the skin. A person with blemishes such as spots, freckles, and acne, less likely to have a clean impression because those skin troubles make the person look dark and negative. Skin is one of the things you have to continually take good care for a lifetime. Avoid drinking alcohol or smoking, block ultraviolet light, and avoid instant foods and foods that have a lot of carbohydrates.

Second, it is a bright facial expression. The most important point that determines this is the lip. Westerners tend to have the muscles that make them smile, on the upper side of their lips, whereas the Asians have them on the lower side. Therefore, if you're an Asian, you need to focus more on making your smile brighter. Moreover, it is also important to keep your smile consistently. If you smile once and relax your muscles around the mouth, your look may be changed differently, so you should always consider making your smile as a daily task with a sense of tension.

Third, let's have grooming and proper attitude considering the time, place, and occasion. If you are well aware of the fashion that matches your time and place, and the hair and makeup that will make you stand out more that will help you make a good impression. In addition, your knowledge about the current issues and trends of the society and your smart attitude will improve your impression.

A good first impression is not made in a short period, but it is achieved through steady effort. Let your skin care, smile, and charming attitudes be important issues in your lifestyle and manage them more efficiently through professional cares or programs.

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