Monday, September 18, 2017


"Menopause" is a period of time for mothers who have lived a dedicated life for their children and families.

Menopause occurs with the pausimenia, when a woman's body arrives at senescence. Menopause comes not only because of hormones, but also when the children go to college, go to work, get married, or when there is a feeling that their environmental responsibility has reduced. So today, let 's look at the causes of the menopause and how to deal with it.

Usually women are menopausal in the middle of their 40s. During the aging process of the body, the functions of the ovaries get lowered, and symptoms such as menstrual irregularities and anovulation are seen. Eventually this leads to menopause.

Menopausal symptoms include facial flushing, insomnia, depression, cold sweats, lack of concentration, memory disorders, urinary incontinence, headache, arthralgia, fatigue, etc. Moreover, at postmenopausal period, osteoporosis, cardiovascular disease, and dementia may also occur.

In fact, many menopausal women complain of wrists, ankles, waist, pelvic and joint pain, due to declined secretion of estrogen. Estrogen, a female hormone, plays a role in preventing calcium from getting out of the bone. However, such side effects occur when estrogen secretion decreases during menopause.

During menopause, as calcium is lacking, women tend to become worked up and sensitive. So, it is good to take calcium supplements such as vitamin D and magnesium. Also, it is important to consume regular dairy products, nuts, and fish (including its bones) to make bones strong.

In order to prevent menopause, a positive attitude is primarily important. It is suggested to study as a hobby, to meet people and to have a deep conversation about life, as effective ways to deal with menopause.

It is important to think of menopause as a natural rite of passage for all women. Above all, it is good to have a positive attitude towards everything, and to think that the woman who was once a daughter, a mother and a wife, is now one’s own woman to enjoy her genuine freedom.

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