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Hello Yakson Beauties!

This time, we prepared a review by our beauty editor about 
'Abdominal Care

Whenever I visit massage salons in the past it would just be for relaxation 
because I seldom experience muscle pains. 
And so I thought getting a massage was a luxury that I don't really need.

This perception changed because of Yakson House. 
I was not just informed of the benefits of massage,
 I was also convinced since I do feel the difference.

  If done by well-trained therapists like the ones from Yakson House 
(they have years of training already) you will surely reap the benefits.

In my previous posts I shared with you 
my experience on face massage and décolleté massage, 

I swear I did receive comments 
that I look younger and blooming after a few sessions. Haha!

I think I need to have these massages every week! 
(I have to study and work harder to afford this soon)

In case you're interested on what's included in this program, 
the usual sequence of the Face Resizing Care Program 
- which is one of the most popular services of Yakson House - 
starts with a body massage, 
here they give me a very relaxing back massage 
OR a front body massage applying breast care massage plus the ABDOMEN massage. 

After that they proceed with skin care for the face, 
the main event which is the Face Resizing Golki Therapy 
then a soothing mask pack as finale. 
This will take around 2 and a half hours but feels like only 20 minutes 
because I'm always left wanting more!

Since the highlight of this post is the abdomen massage, 
I'll tell you more about it.

At Yakson House, as they always do 
with their other massage services, 
they apply a gel-type of lotion 
which I like better than massage oils
because it gives a cool, clean feeling. 

I am already a mom to a toddler so my belly feels a bit flabbier 
than when I was still single. 
From what I have experienced from my 5 sessions of abdomen massage, 
I could feel a bit of firmness in that area.

If you have concerns in this area of your body as well, 
Yakson House has Body Care programs 
which can help you achieve a slimmer and most importantly, 
healthier body without surgery! 
I love that the beauty and slimming services here are all natural 
and non-invasive plus it's backed up with research 
(they have a Research Institute!) that is always up-to-date.

Here is a photo of me in their powder room, 
I really feel confidently beautiful after my sessions with Yakson House. 
I would actually be willing to show you my tummy
if not for the stretchmarks, haha!

 Thank you so much Yakson House and thanks to you too dear reader!

Please feel free to drop a comment 
or you may directly send a message to Yakson House's facebook page. 

Don't hesitate, they are all nice at Yakson!

 Yakson Makati Branch : 02)892-9441

 Yakson Singapore  Branch : 6734-8777

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