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When I had my first major heartbreak years ago (lol,) I became a bit abusive (no I didn't hurt myself haha!) but I slept really late most of the time - 2am or 3am at the sofa where after watching episodes of Korean dramas I would fall asleep crying then would wake up at 7am crying again and stayed awake most of the day. I did this for more than 6 months I guess. I ate lots of unhealthy comfort foods... oily french fries, salty potato chips and sweet ice cream. I was young and careless about my health, not really minding the consequences.

And so my younger brother, frank as he is, told me "Achie (Ate), ang laki ng ipinanget mo, totoo."  I was bothered, but I felt it as well. I used to turn a lot of heads during visits to the mall. I would even catch attention of old women, asking for my number and telling me they'd like to pair me up with their sons. Sorry na, haba ng hair, lol! But right now I really feel like a lot has changed. Most of the days, I no longer feel beautiful unlike before when I always had confidence that I look good.

I was puzzled. What made me look and feel ugly? Pretty girls should remain pretty forever right? I don't know what happened.

Then it is only because of Yakson House that I discovered why! I read their brochures and became familiar with the term asymmetrical face. I didn't know that not only genes but our lifestyle can alter our facial features.

I compared my old photos with my newer ones, and guess what? My face became unbalanced/uneven due to factors like stress, unhealthy diet, improper sleeping position and all those other abusive things I did to my health. I also experienced giving birth and sleepless nights because I attended to my child plus I have to stay up late for my post-graduate studies.

I know looks are not everything! I am proud and I love most of my battle scars and imperfections but it helps to be aware about one factor which made me feel less confident about the way I look.

“Studies show that perfectly symmetrical faces are typically rated more attractive than faces with low symmetry,” says Viren Swami, Ph.D., Reader in Psychology at the University of Westminster and YouBeauty Attraction Expert. We even prefer symmetry in familiar faces, like our friends’ and our own faces."

photo source here
So moving on, what should you do if you have the same problem I had?

Well, if you have been following my previous blog posts, you will know all about Golki Therapy and why Yakson House is famous for it.

I underwent 10 amazing sessions of the Yakson House's Face Resizing Care. This program aims to make the face smaller and slimmer with the application of Golki Therapy, it is a non-invasive and non-surgical way to improve your appearance. You might want to try it too!

When I did my research, I discovered that my face is actually small. My 19-inch face is considered small and I guess there is not much need to make it any smaller than it already is AFTER all my sessions, I think Golki Therapy still delivered impressive results because my face looked more defined and yes, smaller!

Have you noticed the difference? My jawline was noticeably uneven during the start of my session
LEFT-before; RIGHT- after 10 sessions
closer look

For more visible results, the recommended sessions should be around 20 but as early as 10, I saw an improvement already.

Here are other comparisons of gypsum masks, photo taken from Yakson House website

Say hello to my haggard, no make up face! haha!

Final verdict?

I am happy Yakson House is very flexible because they adjust their services according to the needs of the client. I had the result of a smaller looking face though the change was not very drastic nor noticeable at first glance.

According to Yakson House, unequal face is not only due to genetics but also modified bones from wrong lifestyle. If I had money for additional sessions, I would try 10 sessions of a different program which is Face Balance Care. This program lasts longer as they also treat the pelvis and back for a more effective result of a healthy and beautiful face line.

Thank you for bringing back some of my confidence Yakson House! I will definitely come back for more sessions <3 In the mean time I promise to take good care of myself, healthier diet and lifestyle is also very important to prolong the beautiful result of my Face Resizing Care.


 Yakson Makati Branch : 02)892-9441

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