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The Secret Behind A Perfect ‘First Impression’

[Beauty Team] The streets are filled with the spirits of the holidays.

It became common to see beautiful couples holding hands on the streets. It is a little sad  to see that all the people are with their partner. If you are the one who is looking for a lover, you need to find the right person with whom you can spend the holidays with.

Chief Executive Officer of the luxury global esthetic brand Yakson House Kim Hyun Sook suggests some tips to have a successful first impression for lonely singles.

You may wonder why the weather is that important  when you meet someone for the first time. But some researches prove that there is a higher chance for a man and a woman to fall in love on cloudy and rainy days than sunny days. Men have more chance to escort and take care of women on rainy days, allowing the two individuals to become closer. Also some other actions and conversations can come compared to sunny days.

Females are also susceptible to become more sentimental on rainy days. Women are easily swayed by their emotions and feel lonelier than usual. They are especially emotional and want to be taken care of by someone on rainy days. Therefore, taking advantage of these factors can increase the chances of success when you meet a lady for the first time.
Moreover, it is important to pay attention on your appearance as well as the weather. Although looks are not everything, the first impression that someone gets at the first meeting is very important since it decides the development of the relationship. Therefore, it is fundamental to work on your first appearance.

If someone has already told you that you have a good first impression, you are not concerned about what we are talking. However, if you are not that kind of person, practice your smile by looking yourself in front of the mirror. A smiling face can be created  with  efforts.

Even if you have finally got this cute smile, it’s still hard to be attractive if the proportion of your face is not aligned. When the balance of your face is distorted it is hard to gain people’s trust. Most of the asymmetrical faces are from different factors such as eating habits, distorted spine and hip bone. Therefore it is important to take care of the balance of your body.

You can obtain an attractive face by practicing some daily expressions and muscle exercises. Pressing on certain muscle areas of the face is also very important. Massages improve the blood circulation so it helps you have a healthy facial skin and lets you have brighter facial expressions.

Yakson House Care That Will Increase Your Chances Of Being Attractive

The facial modification is heavily influenced by the changes of your

body. By balancing your body structure with Golgi your face and your body will become well-balanced. If the length of your face or the cheek-bones are creating an asymmetric face, or if the corners of your lips are rising at different angles when you smile, taking care of the entire body from head to toe can allow you to regain your confidence.

Through symmetric facial care, you can create a good impression and gain back the confidence that you lost during these past years. It is also beneficial for your health. (Additional Help: Yakson House CEO Kim Hyun Sook)

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