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[YAKSON HOUSE] “Fierce Sleeveless” How To Create Celebrities’ Slim Arms? / YAKSON ARTICLE / YAKSON / BEAUTY TIP / FIRST IMPRESSION

[YAKSON HOUSE] “Fierce Sleeveless” How To Create Celebrities’ Slim Arms? / YAKSON ARTICLE / YAKSON / BEAUTY TIP / FIRST IMPRESSION

[by Goo Hye Jin] Office worker Lee Yoo Jin (27) hates that the weather is getting warmer. It’s because of the summer wardrobe, which generally reveals her complex: her arms. She’s really concerned about these ‘Popeye arms’ as, besides them, she flaunts Korea’s ideal figure. She can hide them under thick outers in winter, but that’s a bit difficult in spring and summer.

She hears a lot of negative comments from her friends when she shows her arms, “That was unexpected”, or “You actually have some arms”. When compared with her body, her arms do stand out, and that broke her confidence. The situation was so severe that her secret wish was to be able to wear sleeveless tops without concern.

But arm’s fat is the most difficult fat to lose on one’s body. Especially for the part down the arm pit, as the soft skin easily loses elasticity there and ages fast, making it more difficult to reach what’s underneath. And like Yoo Jin’s case, it makes one’s body look fatter than it really is as its balance is broken by the difference between the main body and the arms.

It’s good to think long-term, building muscles to lose fat. But Yoo Jin is too busy to diligently follow a routine. She’s also concerned by the side effects and the costs of a liposuction.

Women who have fat arms like Yoo Jin usually have something going wrong with their lymphatic gland. Arms also gain volume when the circulation system, the uterus or the kidney encounters problems, or also when the blood circulation is disrupted or the stature is bent. In these cases, you can solve your problem by fixing some of your daily habits.

Lately, problems due to the use of cellphones are also increasing. By inclining the head and lowering the hands, you multiply the weight of your head by five. Consequently, the arms feel abandoned and gain volume as you resort to the shoulder’s muscles.

Lifestyle and work out TIP to create a slim arm line

Adopt the habit of stretching right after waking up. From time to time, it’s recommended to hold hands and stretch from left to right; it also helps to intentionally make your arm’s movement wider. When walking, it’s important to use your arms as well to stimulate them.

Before sleeping, it’s also good to tap the zone between the arm and the armpit about 20 times. Wastes easily gather in this area of the body, by stimulating it you help the circulation.

By building muscles in your arms, you prevent the fat from staying. An easy arm work out is to lift and lower 1kg weights. If you don’t have any weight, you can use 500ml water bottles.

Global beauty esthetic house Yakson House also has a program that creates a thin, long arm line. Women who are concerned with thick arms, too much muscles or fat can get rid of their complex there. The priority of this procedure is to eliminate fat, so wastes are also naturally eliminated for a healthier body.

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