Thursday, October 20, 2016



I've always wanted to be a brand ambassador for beauty products and services. I have been blogging for quite sometime now and I'm really waiting for new and challenging roles. Being selected as Yakson's 10th Beauty Editor is such a wonderful blessing. At first, it really did not sink in. I thought this is just another blog event that I usually go to. But when the contract was sent to me, I felt so excited and proud as well. It made me realized that somehow, my blog  has been really doing great because it has given me wonderful projects for the past years.
In preparation for my role as a beauty editor, I did some research as to what treatment I'll be getting from Yakson. I was told that I'll be having facial resizing. Yakson is well known for Golki therapy or bone massage. It is the first and only beauty center in the country that offers this type of service. Golki therapy is done by alternating soft and hard massage on areas like face, pelvis and legs to promote blood circulation and balance as well. For the face, Golki treatment is done to define the best features of our face without having to go under the knife. Everything is natural and 100% non-invasive.
 Reception area of Yakson House
Yakson House is located in the business district of Makati City. Everything is floral which I really loved! The place is well organized and very clean as well.
 My bathroom selfie =)
 After dressing up in my robe and shorts from Yakson, my face was cleanse and hair was tied up. Makeup was removed and toner was applied to achieve a clean and fresh skin.
For documentation purposes, my picture was taken before the procedure. This will be use to compare my before and after photos after my final session with Yakson.
I was then advised that a hard mask will be applied. During the first application, the white mask feels cold and slowly feels hot as it starts to form and harden.
After removing the molded mask, I was given a back massage. It was the best massage to date! I felt that the therapist was using more of her elbows to treat my frozen back and shoulders. She also focused on my backbone which I think has a positive effect on my not so good posture.
After my relaxing back massage, I then had my first session of facial resizing with Ms. Kim Yu Min. Golki therapy is a bit painful because it's not only the muscles that they are targeting but the bones. It needs pressure to sculpt the facial structures. This bone massage is very safe because only trained and licensed Golki therapist can perform this bone massage. I can really feel the hard pressure applied by Ms. Kim especially on my forehead, my cheek bones, and jaw bone as well. One thing that I liked is the neck massage. It was painful but felt relived afterwards. The bone massage lasted for 15-20 minutes. It was painful but tolerable and would not feel anything after the treatment. After my bone massage, My face was applied with eye cream, sunscreen and the well known Korean beauty product which is the BB cream.
 This is my hard mask and I wonder how small my face will become after my 10th session
Doing the signature Korean pose with Ms. Kim, Director of Yakson House Philippines

Overall experience with Yakson House was awesome! They have friendly and well trained staff, relaxing ambiance and very good service. I am excited for my next visit and of course the outcome after I finished my entire session.

Aside from Golki treatment, Yakson House also offers skin care, weight care and other skin and beauty services. For the complete list of the services that they are offering, you may visit Yakson's website. To know more about the latest promotions, you may follow them in their official Facebook account.

Yakson House is located in G4 Perla Mansion 117Don C.Palanca St. Legaspi Village. Makati. International branches are located in Korea, Japan, China, Singapore and their newest branch in New York, USA. For appointments, you may call them at 02-892-9441.

 Yakson House Makati Branch : 02)892-9441

Yakson Singapore Branch : 6734-8777