This week, a friend just told me my skin has a nice and healthy glow. It must be the result of the skin care I’m receiving from Yakson House!
I was glad to hear her compliment, I am now more convinced that my treatments in Yakson House are really doing wonders to my face and skin!
I am going to share with you some of the skin care procedures which are included in their Face Resizing Care Program. This is after the back massage or abdominal massage which you can read about in my previous post Mid-session Review of the Face Resizing Care.
So for face care, first, they use cleansing cream on my face to remove make-up. Using outward and upward strokes and a super quick facial massage, make-up is thoroughly removed. A clean face absorbs products and treatments better.
Then, it is usually followed by Hot and Cold Stone or Suction/Cupping Machine. Miss Joan told me that the Hot and Cold Stone is for lifting and tightening.
I love the feeling of the stones gliding on my face, hot stones first, cold stones next and then both hot and cold stones alternately. So relaxing and soothing!
I wish I can have this done to me everyday! haha!
very relaxing hot and cold stones
I received the modeling mask which is for brightening and lifting of the face (a good follow-up after the Hot and Cold stones because it is also for tightening and lifting).
In Yakson House, they also have their own brand of skin care products called EOS Beaute.
EOS Beaute Hydro Lifting Eye Cream
They have a complete line of products: cleansing cream, BB cream, sunscreen, mask packs, serum and eye cream. I will share more about their line of products soon!🙂

If you also want to have a consultation with Yakson House, just visit:

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