Tuesday, August 11, 2015



Let's face it, we all have even just a little bit of issues with anxiety. 
It surely is a human nature. 
As we keep getting frustrated over work, school, chores, money for gas, 
dinner menus and all other daily responsibilities, 
we might think that taking anti-anxiety pills is the quickest remedy to relieve stress. 

Let's be alarmed, these pills may cause you to go through 
several side effects such as depression, hallucinations and so on.
Today, we will look through much better and safer tips 
to overcome anxiety without these pills. 

Let's check them out!

1. Drink tea and let it go

Now everyone, drinking a cup of warm tea surely is 
one of the best tips to calm the nerves and relieve anxiety. 
Especially, tea blends such as rooibos and chamomile work 
as the same receptors from other pills!

2. Put on some lavender bliss 

A single drop or two of blissful lavender oil will 
definitely help you get rid of unhelpful stress. 
You can simply apply them to your neck or wrists. 
Then, the aroma will give you relaxing impressions 
and help you go through the day with ease. 

3. Work your way out to the gym

It is important to remember that regular exercise do release endorphin. 
Whenever you are preoccupied with burdens and stresses, 
grab your sneakers and hit the gym! 
Releasing some sweats and energy will definitely help you overcome anxiety. 
If you don't have enough time for this, 
even a quick stretch or yoga will help as well!

4. Let's LOL!

Laughter, genuine or fake, definitely is 
one of the easiest and simplest tips to overcome anxiety. 
Laughter releases dopamine which influences 
emotions of pleasure and excitement. 
Whenever you feel gloomy, take a quick moment 
to watch your favorite comedy show 
or any other stuff that would make you laugh. 

Put faith in it and laugh out loud!

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