Tuesday, July 28, 2015



Today, we will find out what to do with our damaged skin after vacation.
The summer sun is a lot stronger than we think.
So, find out how to cure your beautiful skin :) 


Did you have a lot of fun during vacation?
But, that doesn't mean that your body had fun!
It's obvious that your skin was extremely exposed to the sun.


Especially, the neck and shoulder get sunburn a lot easier 
since they are facing right at the Sun.
Therefore, you need more special care for them.


1. Hot Flushes

If you feel like your body is a little bit hotter than usual,
you can cool it down only with a body wash that has a calming effect.  
You can also take a cold shower too!


2. Redness and Dryness 

Dry and red skin are a sign that you skin is arid!
Giving enough moisture is important at this level.
So, use a body lotion for sensitive type that is light.
Light lotion can go into the skin a lot faster. 

3. Itchy and Dry Skin Due to Sunburn

First of all, you should lower the skin temperature
with moisturizing lotion and cream.

Keep the room temperature cool enough to cool down the skin.
For the parts that are really itchy and red
use an ice bag and spot cream.

4. Serious Sunburn

If your skin peels off and is painful, you should go see the skin doctor 
because you need to disinfect the sunburn and take a good care of it.

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