Monday, July 27, 2015


Hi again!

Another beauty posting for today is how to use sunscreen with makeup.    
Read carefully and save those tips :)

Simple Steps To Apply Sunscreen With Makeup

1. Use Rose Water for the Clean Face

Before you start off with anything, make sure your face is clean
You makeup will be gone during the day because of 
your sweat and when especially you face is a mess before makeup.

So use some rose water to massage
A mild cleanser which is right for your skin type would do wonders too.

2. Apply Sunscreen

After applying the right amount of lotion,
use the sunscreen now and apply it all over the face and neck region.

But, try not to use too much of it. 

Otherwise, your makeup will begin to slide all over the place. 
Keep a tissue in hand to remove the excess.

3. Put on a Makeup

Now, you can start applying makeup as you do usually. 
You will definitely need to finish the makeup 
with some translucent face powder to not look oily. 

That will create a well-balanced look. 
If your skin is too oily, use some blotting paper to remove the oil.

4. Ready to Go Out

Your makeup and sunscreen, both have been applied
 the right way, and you are now ready!

Enjoy Summer, girls!

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