Thursday, July 23, 2015


The weather is so hot lately, girls!
How do you take care of your face in this temperature?

Today, I will introduce you how to calm down your face! 

If your face easily turns red and hot,
it's a sign that the temperature of your face is going up

Sebum will be produced more than 10% 
when the temperature of your face increases even 1℃.

And you are likely to get more facial problems!

Increased temperature on the face will make your face age much faster!
It will produce more freckles and wrinkles.

So, what we are going to use to calm down the face is "cooling."

2. Put Face Mask Pack in the Refrigerator 

Put like 10 mask packs in the refrigerator and use 
whenever you feel your face hot.

It will feel great when especially you got a light sunburn on your face. 

2. Use Soothing Gel

You can use any product for soothing.
It doesn't have to be an expensive product.

It will work the same to cool down the face.

3. Cleanse Well and Don't Dry it off with Towel

Cleansing thoroughly your face that was under the sun during the day!

Leave some water left on your face after cleansing.
Let your face absorb some water and evaporate some as well.

This way, you can cool down your face.

Hope this posting was helpful to you :)

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