Hi guys!

Today, I want to introduce you three secret tips from some famous Korean celebs.
It's about face cleansing!

Ko Hyun Jeong - Baby Hair Cleansing

1. Wash your hands before start!

2. Before cleansing, wash your face for 5 mins with warm water.

3. Also wash inside your nose.

4. Make enough bubbles with the foam cleanser.

5. Massage in the order of
the end of forehead - ears - jaw 

You wonder why it's called "Baby hair cleansing"?

Here's why!

Wash the face with water, following the direction of your baby hair on face.
But, bubbles in the foam cleanser should go in the opposite way. 

Park Su Jin - Egg Cleansing

1. Remove dirt and dead cells on your face.
Use some type of cream that exfoliates.

2. Use foam cleanser to clean inside the pores.

3. Make bubbles with the white of an egg
and gently put it on and wait for 5 mins.
Then, wash off your face with cold water.

Tip. After cleansing, put some face mist to provide
some moisture to your skin.

4. Put a gel-type mask pack onto your face.

Suzy - 424 Cleansing

1. Use oil-type cleanser and then 
massage your face making circles for 4 mins in the order of
the bottom of your jaw - cheeks - nose - forehead. 

2. Use foam-type cleanser and then
massage in the same way for 2 mins in the order of
top of your nose - middle of your forehead - mouth

3. Gently wash off the cleanser for 4 mins
with warm water

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