Monday, May 4, 2015


How to get rid of wrinkes

Now everyone wants baby face.
During the spring we left dry skin and wrinkles.

Especially, it is outdoor activity season.
So we have to protect our skin from UV rays.

Most terrifying enemy 

Today, let's learn about
how to get rid of face wrinkles.

Face wrinkles:

Face wrinkles come down from both side of nose
to the both side of mouth.

It becomes problem of to the 40s-50s, 
even to the 20s-30s.

Face wrinkles make person look much older.
Muscles around mouth have a lot of movement,
so it is easy to have face wrinkles.

According to genetic body frame,
some people has deep wrinkles from early age.

How to prevent face wrinkles

1. Not sleep on one's stomach or on one's side.

If you sleep on your stomach or your side,
pushed face can have deeper wrinkles.
Best position of sleep is supine position,
looking at the ceiling.

Also, pouting mouth or resting chin
can cause face wrinkles.

2. Provide sufficient moisture and nourishment

Drink enough water to provide moisture.
Apply rich cream and moisturizer,
to moisture and nourish skin around mouth.

When you applying cosmetic,
massage drawing small circle is effective
to improve blood circulation.

3. Exercise around mouth

Repeat 'A E I O U' 15-20 times a day,
or blow your mouth,
or pull up around your mouth slightly.
They can help prevent face wrinkles.

One the other hand, reduce pouting or frowning .
They can make your wrinkles deeper.

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