Friday, May 15, 2015


How to targeting body parts
that appeals to man

Looking around, 
we can find many friends 
who has ordinary face and body,
but some of them are a lot of guys
 interested in her.

She has so many guys around her.
What is her charming point?
Global salon Yakson House will give you the answer.

Canada British Colombia proved the fact
that men are attracted by woman
who smiles so happy.

One little expression 
gives much more meaning 
than many words.

Through face expressions
we can know many information about the person,
like think, personality even habits.

not pretty or have a nice body,
attracting men is smile.
Bright smile can break walls between people.

British and South Africa lab proved
'Attractive part of body' is like this,

1 Lip and neckline 7.9 point
2 Breast and nipple 7.3 point
3 Hip 4.5 point
4 Pelvic 3.5 point
5 Foot 1 point

Especially, man are attracted by
the neckline of woman tying her hair.
Beautiful neckline's standard is like behind.

-same length of front and rear
-the length equal 1/2 length of the face

beautiful neck line, maximize femininity.
Yakson House's neck care relaxes shoulder pain,
and make your neck longer.

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