Thursday, May 14, 2015

[YAKSON HOUSE] Bow Legs , Yakson House will address problem.

Bow legs, what cause bow legs?
Beautiful legs always catch people's eyes.

Straight beautiful leg line make nice body shape,
also helps body balance.

However, bow legs problem spoils body shape,
it is hard to straighten, as well.

Today, we will learn about self exercise
that straighten the bow legs.

Easy self exercise for bog legs

1 Lye down on the floor,
put towel in between the big toe and second toe.

2 Pull the towel until you feel tension on your legs.

3 Make this exercise, 2 minutes each legs, 
repeat total 8 minutes everyday.

The cause of the bow legs,
mostly the shortness of the hind leg muscles and adductor muscle.

Find the cause and stretch the muscle by exercising, 
greatly affect to improve leg shape.

Another cause of the bow legs,
is the twisted posture.

Usually  wears high heels, leaning on one foot or crossing legs,
spoils leg shape and causes bow legs.

Exercising improve balance,
but the effect is limited by yourself.

Yakson House's bow leg care,
can straighten the bowed leg,
which is difficult to care by yourself.

Straightening legs can find your hidden height,
and also straightens the spine and balances whole body.
Beautiful legs are the gift.

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