Thursday, May 21, 2015


Have you prepared for summer?
We cannot wear sandals with rough heels.

Today, we will introduce

how to get soft heel. 

Know-how 1.
Sugar oil scrub

First of all,
Mix black sugar and oil in the ratio of three to one.
And apply it to your face and massage with it.
After the massage, apply some foot cream.
The soft heels will persists for 3~4 days.

Know-how 2.
Petroleum jelly and plastic bag

It's very classic method but infallible!
Apply plenty of petroleum jelly to your heels,
and wrap heels with plastic bags.
It's done! Very easy, right?
All you need to do right now is go to bed.
When you get up tomorrow,
you can get the soft heels!

Know-how 3.
AHAs treatment 

Do you know AHAs?
It's 'Alpha hydroxy acids'.
AHAs are used as chemical peels.
So using AHAs help your skin is softer and brighter.
Just apply AHAs products everyday,
and your heels will be smoother!

Know-how 4.
Using automatic keratin removal

Just roll heels with automatic keratin removal 
without water.
But, it's just for soft keratin.
If you want to remove thick and dead keratin,
before the rolling, put your heels in the water
for 2~30 minutes.

Know-how 5.
Using exclusive heel pack

Heel pack provides nutritions and water to your heels.
After washing your foot clearly,
wear the exclusive heel pack like socks!
20 minutes later,
you can feel fluffy softness of your heels!

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