Monday, April 13, 2015

[Yakson House] The Best wedding guests fashion

It is the season of spring!

It is also season of the wedding for many people. 


In this wedding season, Bride and groom are not the only one who are concerned 

about their looks. 

Wedding guests start to think hard about what they are going to wear on their 

friends and family wedding day. 

They need to ensure that they look as good as the bride or groom. 

The Best Key for successful guest fashion is to know where the wedding will be 


These days, Weddings are held at various places such as church, outdoor, wedding 

hall, house and hotel. 

Secondly, knowing the mood of the wedding is also as important as the places. 

Thirdly, know your style. 

Find outfits that make you stand out the most

Fourth, Don't forget your manner. 

looking good and unique is good but don't forget about your manners. 

Wedding is sacred ceremony where two people promise their never ending love. 

Wearing something that reveals too much or wearing too casual are not good. 

Avoid jeans and sneakers. 

keeping your body in shape is just as important as picking a perfect outfit. 

Depends on your body shape, Your outfit can look the best or worst. 

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The concept of Body care often entails aggressive weight loss, however this can 

break the balance of your body and harm your overall health. 

Numbers are not that important. 

What is important is how your body shape look. 

We restore your broken balance of your body and make you beautiful. 

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