[Yakson House] Ways to celebrate the Spring

I can feel the spring is at our door step.

The weather is still little bit cold, but sunshine is warm and I can definitely smell the 


The start of the new season is always good, to most of people, I believe starting a new 

season is like a chance for a fresh start.  

What pops up in your head when you first heard the word "Spring"?

There are so many words that describe spring.

Flower, nice weather, picnic and so on.... 

Get ready for Spring everyone.

here are some ways to celebrate the Spring!

1. Zoo Day! 

Grab some friends and head to the zoo with a picnic... 

Seeing all the animals is brilliant and you will get some super cute photos too. 

I love zoos, they are so full of wonder and imagination and exellent exercise too!

2. Have a BBQ party! 

Grab some BBQ ingredients and eat outside. Make salad, drink wine and enjoy the 

outdoors with your family and friends! 

3. Dress the part!

Polish your toe nails with bright pink, wear a pastel tone clothes! 

buy a hat.

You will be surprised how much of a difference it will make to your mood...

You will instantly feel like spring!

4. Get your bike! and Hit the road!

Spring cycling season is near. 

With spring here, we can look forward to more daylight, nicer weather and better, safer 

road conditions. It is time to drag your bike from the basement or haul it off of its wall 

mount and actually ride it again.  

Changes in weather can wreak havoc on your skin. 

Especially for those of you have sensitive skin, get ready for spring!

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consult with professionals at Yakson House. 

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