Monday, March 16, 2015

[Yakson House] Steps of your skin care products/eyecream/moisturizer/Essence

Hi, This is Yakson House. 

Do you know the exact steps of your skin care products?

It sounds like not very important. 

But it is important to know the steps to maximize the result of your skin care 


I want to know few tips when you put your creams or moisturizers. 

It is not that long and it is very simple to follow. 


1. If you skin type is dry, put moisturizer cream first

2. If you are concerned about wrinkles around your eyes, put Eye cream first

3. Apply Essence or Ampoule at night time. 

4. Skin Care products that contain Vitamin C are needed to apply in the morning.  

Keep these in mind simple rules and take advantage of these tips on daily basis. 

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