Friday, March 13, 2015

[Yakson House] Luxurious tooth paste/whitening/bad breath

White and Clean teeth gives you beautiful smile. 

Beautiful smile makes other people smile. :)

Is your bad breath bugging your loved ones?

Bad breath is not only your problem.

It can become other person's problem.

I will introduce well known toothpastes.

They are expensive but proven to be working pretty well. 

1. Dentiste 

This tooth paste has been a global leader in premium oral care solutions with its 

products spreading across 20 countries in 6 continents. 

This toothpaste is especially well known as night time toothpaste. 

It helps reducing the morning breath. 

That is why it is also called "Morning Kiss" Toothpaste. 

It doesn't contains preservatives and other bad chemicals

so it is environment friendly. 

2. Marvis 

It is well known as Chanel in Toothpaste industry ^^ 

It is made in Italy and has a long history of almost 50 years now. 

With a sharp taste of cool mint for a pleasant and lasting freshness, carries out a 

whitening activity on your teeth for a more beautiful and splendid smile. 

Marvis flavors are created by offsetting the aroma of mint, to provide the freshness you 

need, with innovative notes to offer you a long lasting pleasurable taste sensation that 

can be different every day. 

The Marvis Formula: White, protected teeth, fresh breath all day long, 

helps prevent tooth decay, tartar and plaque. 

3. Blan X

Blanx is the only cosmetic toothpaste that's based on ingredients derived from Arctic 

Lichen, a natural extract. 

However, the taste isn't fresh so those of you might feel little disgust. 

But Overall, It is packed with good ingredients and helpful with removing bad breath as 

well as whitening. 

3. Vant tooth paste

This product is made in Korea. 

They don't contain coloring, preservatives, and paraben. 

It is made with 99% silver.

Silver is well known for its effects in removing germs. 

4. Euthymol 

This toothpaste is made in England. 

It boasts its history of almost 115 years. 

The color of paste is pink and tastes like medicine and spicy. 

It is sold in Pharmacy in England. 

Brushing your teeth is really important,


How you brush is more important. 

Have a healthy habit and keep your teeth heatlhy. 

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