Saturday, February 28, 2015

[Yakson House] Single dad asked cosmetologist for tips to do his daughter's hair/

Today, I was browsing internet news and I found impressive and amazing story of a single dad and 

his daughter.  

He was at a loss for how to pull his 2  year old's hair into one, so he asked for help from a co-worker, 

who is in charge of the cosmetology program at the trade school where he works. 

He became one of the best students and now he is schooling everyone else on how to fix girls' hair, 


his story and photos of his creations have gone viral. 

He posts his daugher's awesome braids and hairstyles on Facebook, where he both gives and receives 

pointers and tutorials. 

Isn't this wonderful story?

I think it is beautiful story that dad actually put into an effort by going to school to learn how to style 

his child's hairstyle. 

I mean honestly how many men will do that.

All dads love their children but I find it amazing!

So check out this story on youtube that I brought. 

My heart got warmed up by listening to this story. 

Happy weekends everyone! ^^

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