[Yakson House] My trip to Hotel Lounge

I had a wonderful weekend ^^

How is everyone's?

I stayed at the luxurious hotel over the weekend.

During my stay, I happen to visit Hotel lounge.

It was my first time being there. 

I was so excited before I got there. 

It was more exited when I actually got there!

We got there earlier than we expected.

They were still preparing food for people who were there for business. 

Inside was really nice and luxurious. 

there were so many delicious food, but I forgot to take it since I was busy eating. 

I realized after I finished eating that I didn't take any pictures of food there. 

After we had dinner over at the hotel lounge. 

My friend and I went to have some drink. 

We went to this beer place and they have funny name of beer. 

The beer in the photo I took has cotton candy floating on the beer. 

So, It was sweet and pretty good. 

My friend had this beer mixed with tomatoes. 

I didn't try that because I don't really like tomatoes. 

Anyway, it was fun and happy day. 

My tummy was happy and my mood was good too. ^^

Yakson House NY Branch : 212-564-7474

 Yakson House Makati Branch : 02)892-9441

Yakson House LA Branch : 213-387-7900


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