Tuesday, February 10, 2015

[Yakson House] 11 Not so Complimentary compliments

Have you ever received a compliment where you thought: Really, he said that?

Here are the 11 not so complimentary compliments.

1. You're so much prettier/more/ nicer in real life!

2. you know what I love about you?

3.  You don't look like your photos.

4. You are pretty when you smile

5. Today you look great!

6. You have such a nice personality

7. You were so much prettier with long / short hair

8. Wow, you really have to wear more make up!

9. You clean up so well!

10. I would never be as you

11. And everything starts with: "don't take this the wrong way"

so... what do you think?

Did any of you have experiences getting one of these not so complimentary 


But, don't take it to seriously~ ^^

I would like to introduce you facial balance program for you to look really beautiful not 

only in front of camera but also in real life. HaHa :)

This program is effective for those of you who has asymmetrical face and big face. 

Asymmetrical face tend to leave not so impressive impression on others. 

On top of that, It is not a good sign for your health. 

Yakson House provides you with the best professional facial balance care. 

Take a look at photos of previous customers below:

Do you see differences?

Their faces look much brighter and smaller. 


I hope you have a great and happy week.

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