Thursday, January 15, 2015

[Yakson House] A real story - A girl with no emotions on her face/Facial Balance Care

Hello, Everyone ^^

I brought a new episode of real story series. 

Today, The story is about a girl who looks like she doesn't have any emotions on her 

face. In real life, She is pursuing journalist dream  in Korea and she is currently working in 

Radio station. She wants to work in real broad casting station and stand in front of the 

camera but her appearance and a lack of confidence always blocked her way. 

She received 20 sessions of Facial balance care in Yakson House.

Let's find out how she transformed. 

Are you guys all looking at the photo above?

I see she changed her lot. She looks more defined, revitalized and happier than before.

Let's see what kind of service she received at Yakson House. 

All the service is finished up by mask pack. 

The photo below shows measurement 

I find still amazing that people's face can change without any surgical process involved. 

Yakson House's facial balance care stimulate facial bones, muscles and relieve 

tensions on muscles. 

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