Monday, January 12, 2015

[Yakson House] Quick make up tip for your busy morning.

Most of us have experience of hassling in the morning. 

We have to take a shower, wear make up, get dressed, eat breakfast, check if you 

prepared everything for your work or your important presentation at school. 

So, today, I brought some valuable information for girls to talk about easy and 

simple morning make up tip while you still can look gorgeous. 

For perfect makeup, you need a lot of applicators and tools, but it is almost impossible 

to use that many applicators during busy morning. 

At work, it is better to maintain light and natural look than heavy make up.

We recommend you to go with minimal color rather than too much color. 

1. If you have dry skin, put extra moisturizing cream before you put on base 

or foundation. 

Moisturizing cream will make your skin look dewy, but remember cream that contains too 

much oil will clog your pores and cause trouble on your skin. 

2. Try Tinted moisturizer rather than BB cream. 

Tinted moisturizers contain a lot of moisture and help to elevate your complex. 

I recommend you not to expect coverage in Tinted moisturizer. 

3. Try brown shadows to give you deep and natural look. 

Light brown color goes great with Asian Skin color. 

Besides, It takes time to apply two tones of eye shadows. ^^

4. Use either Eyeliner or Mascara.

Only using one of them give defined and natural look to your eyes. 

5.  Use tinted lip balm

Instead of putting lipstick or tint on dry lips, try something that combined with 

moisturizing balm and color. 

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