Tuesday, January 27, 2015

[Yakson House] How to slim big muscular calves

The reasons for large calf muscles (gastronomic and soleus muscles) can include 

the following:


2. Exercise 

Repetitive activity involving walking on the balls of your feet (i.e. bearing your weight on 

the front of the foot), may lead to building up of the calf muscles. Avoid any activity, 

which forces heavy use of the balls of your feet (this includes walking in high heels!)

3. Gain

you could have your gait analyzed, as it may be a possibility that you are overusing your 

calf muscles when walking. This may be because you are overcompensating for weak 

surrounding muscles. If the muscle at the front of your lower leg i.e. shins is weak/ 

overstretched, strengthening them, will help lengthen the calf muscle. 

Many women strive for sexy, toned calf muscles. While some find it difficult for their calf 

muscles to grow and become toned, others complain their calf muscles are too large, 

and they search for ways to reduce the muscle bulk. 


Change lifestyle habits to reduce the size of calf muscles. Avoid walking in high heels, 

on uneven surfaces or in unsupported shoes. All of which contribute to large calf 


Do not stand for long periods of time which can reduce blood circulation to your calf 

muscles. Reduced blood circuylation may cause toxins to build up in your lower leg 



Perform cardio exercises. Although it is a common misconception that any full body 

exercise will work the calf muscles and therefore strengthen them, this is incorrect. 

Cardio exercises will shape your legs, burn overall fat, improve flexibility and tone calf 

muscles. Cardio exercises will not create bulky calf muscles. After exercising, be sure to 

stretch calf muscles for at least five minutes. 


Massage your calf muscles after exercising or stretching. 

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