Friday, January 23, 2015

[Yakson House] How to lose weight while eating more food

One of the most common pitfalls to weight loss is an all-or-nothing approach aimed at 

dropping pounds in a hurry. 

When you start an unrealistic diet plan, you quickly learn that such diets lead to nagging 

hunger and cravings for forbidden foods. After a few weeks of this, most people return 

to their old eating habits, complaining that "diets don't work." But what if you could 

actually lose weight by eating more food simply by making a few changes to your 

everyday food choices?

Here are seven choices that will help you lose weight while eating more food and will 

satisfy your taste buds at the same time. 

1. Whole grain foods

Whole grain foods such as whole wheat, brown rice, whole grain breads, cereals, and 

waffles are a much better choice than refined white foods because they're generally 

higher in fiber, more nutritious, and more filling. 

2. Foods high in water

Foods high in water are naturally low in calories because of their fluid content. 

Fruits, vegetables, soups, gelatins, and hot cereal are 80% - 95% water, while 

foods like yogurt, puddings, eggs, pasta, beans, and seafood are 60% - 75% water. 

3. Lower fat foods

Lower fat foods can really add up to calorie savings because fat has more 

than twice the calories of protein or carbohydrates. And when you take out 

some, but not necessarily all of the fat, foods still taste great. 

Light mayonnaise, light salad dressings, and lower fat diary are all easy ways to cut 

calories while satisfying your taste buds. 

4. Dips and Spreads

Dips and spreads can do serious damage. They can be addictive, and when you add in 

the calories from the chips or other dippers, they add up quickly. Two tablespoons of 

French onion dip or Cheez Whiz have 60 - 90 calories. But if you switch to salsa, 

hummus, or fat free bean dip you can enjoy more satisfying dips for 15- 50 calories per 

2 tablespoons and are more likely to eat a reasonable portion. 

Be healthy while eating delicious food! 

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