Friday, December 12, 2014

[Yakson House] A Real Story of a full moon resembled girl

< Real Story of a full moon faced girl >


Hi, Do you remember a girl who resemble full moon?

She was called a full moon because of her round and big face size. 

A couple of month ago, I posted her interview and a result after 5 sessions.

Today, I brought her amazing transformation. 

She finally completed her 20 sessions and she became a brand new girl. 

I was really surprised about her transformation. 

She looks like she is a complete different person. 

She looks so much younger and vibrant!

I am sure she didn't expect this result either!

You see the professional hands over here? ^^

we took the measurement of her face to really see the changes!

You all see the numbers?

For those of you who have problems with her face size, 

Consult with Yakson House!

We can make the difference!

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