Wednesday, December 24, 2014

[Yakson House] Real story - A man with asymmetrical chin

Real story is back again!

This time, you will be able to see an amazing transformation of a man with asymmetrical 

chin. He is a good looking man but the only thing that has been bothering him was his 

asymmetrical chin. 

He has an experience of being called "big face" by his colleagues.

He came to Yakson House in hoping to find the solution for his problem. 

Let's find out how he changed after 20 sessions of program. 

You see the changes?

I can definitely see it!

He had asymmetrical chin before and His face is balanced now after this program.

He looks much healthier and sharper. 

<Face Balance Care Process>

Lower body -> Back Shape -> Head -> Collarbone,Arm -> face -> Mask pack

He was very satisfied with his result. 

You see the grid on the photo above?

Now Yakson House wishes him to have a confident life and fill his life with joy forever.

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