Thursday, December 11, 2014

[Yakson House] Real story - A girl with big face

Hi, today, I brought a real story of a girl with big face. 

This girl was concerned about her face size.

As she ages, she started to notice some negative changes in her face. 

Her skin became wrinkled and loose and face size got bigger.

Those changes are caused by bad lifestyle habit and part of aging process. 

Because of those visible changes, she was slowly losing her confidence. 

There she is! she found out about Yakson House.

She received all of 20 sessions. Let's see her transformation!

The photo above is a photo taken before and after. 

Do you all see the difference?

Face Resizing program does not just take care of your face but also cares about your 

body to relax your stiff muscle and for better blood circulation. 

Shall we find out the measurement?

Her skin looks healthy and her face got smaller. 

She was very satisfied with the result.

she regained her confidence. We all should support her wish that she could live 

confident and happy life forever :) 

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