Friday, December 26, 2014

[Yakson House] Party Fashion style to celebrate the end of year

Hello, This is Yakson House

How was your Christmas?

Christmas is now over and it's time to let year of 2014 go and celebrate new year of 

2015. People have many meetings and party plans especially during the holiday

season. Today, I am going to talk few tips about the best outfits for you in which you 

can stand out from the crowd. 

For special events like holiday party, I strongly recommend you to try something different 

than your usual personal style. On top of that, dazzling make up to go along with your 

stylish outfit will totally make you stunning. 

Let's find out now!

1. Red or Black Dresses

These two colors are one of the most popular colors of choice for everyone. 

These two colors of dresses never go out of style!

2. Dressy or Stylish dress

If you are short, try something dressy that brings out your feminine side. 

If you are tall, Wear something simple and elegant at the same time. 

3. Style that matches special holiday

At Special occasions like Christmas party or New year Party, You are more than welcome 

to try embellishments like sequins, beading and disco paillettes. They offer instant bling 

which is ideal for effortless one piece dressing that mean you don't have to give extra 

thought to your accessories or makeup. 

4. Feminine Mini Skirt

Mini skirt may sound simple but it actually

upgrades your feminine side and shows off your sexy legs that has been waiting to rip 

apart and get out of your boring work pants. 

5. Intense Red lips

It's all about smokey eyes and red lips! 

Women hesitate to wear these kinds of makeup 

on daily life since it's too much. However, You are feel to wear them on special holiday!

Have some fun with it! Be whatever you want to be!

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