Tuesday, December 23, 2014

[Yakson House] Korea beauty sweeps the world/Hallyu/Kpop

Do you like K-pop stars?

Who do you like the most?

The popularity of K-pop is growing and continuously sweeps the world. 

There is a unique term called "Hallyu" meaning Korean Wave. 

Hallyu is not just Korean pop culture now. It has climbed to a new level and everything 

that is related to Korea is being loved by so many people. 

We are also talking about Korean beauty brands too. 

Singaporean star Linda came to Korea to film about Korean beauty and interview Yakson 


She said she is very interested in beauty and excited to find out about Korean stars' 

beauty secrets.  

Korean dramas and Movies have been popular throughout the world. 

The beauty of Korean stars is already approved by Worldwide. 

Linda came from one of the largest Media company called "Media corp" in Singapore and 

this show will air on February, 2015 through channel "Suria". 

Recently, they got intrigued by Korean culture and wanted to film an episode on Korea.

Linda was carefully observing customers receiving care at Yakson House and requested 

to experience it at the scene. 

she asked a lot of questions and was impressed by systematic programs. 

Yakson House is now naming as No. 1 Korean beauty Aesthetics and feels 

responsible to spread the beauty of Korea all over the world. 

We want to say special thank to Linda and Media corp for filming us! ^^

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