Wednesday, December 3, 2014

[Yakson House] How to lose baby fat on your face and get a sharp face!/Face Resizing Care

How to get a sharp  face shape!

In this day and age, beauty is defined by a small face and a V-line facial shape. 

Having a smaller and sharper face will make your overall proportion of your body look 

much more attractive regardless of your actual height. In addition, an egg shaped face 

with a V-line is stunning with any hair style. 

 Chubby cheek can make you look cute but it can make your face look bigger than it 

actually is. Shall we find out few tips on how to lose face fat. 

1. Facial Exercises

By moving face muscles that we normally don't use, It can help you lose fat on your 

face and also lift your face to make you more firm.

Make crazy faces such as stick out your tongue or wrinkle up your nose. ^^  

Smile often too!

2. Warm towel massage

Put Warm towel over your face and gently press it down. 

By doing this, You are helping with your blood circulation and relaxing your face 

muscles. Finish with Facial mask sheet!

It is also good for your skin!

Is there any other ways to make your face slim?


Yakson House has face resizing program!

We can make your face slimmer and smaller than it is now. 

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