Wednesday, December 31, 2014

[Yakson House] How to get rid of Double chin/Face resizing/small face

Have you been stressed out about your double chin lately?

It is everyone's dream to have sharp and slim face. 

When you have double chin, it makes you look older than your age and give you dull 


On top of that, even if you have slim body, Double chin prevents you from looking sharp. 

The bad news is that These double chins are hard to get rid of. 

Let's find out what causes Double chin.

1. Part of aging process.

We all know skin looses firmness as we age. 

This is number one reason for double chin. 

2.  Wrong life style or bad habits

If you don't drink enough water causing dehydration, your skin can easily lose firmness. 

I strongly recommend you to drink lots and lots of water. 

3. Intake of large amount of high calorie food

If you are overweight, it definitely causes double chin. 

Getting rid of double chin can make a big difference. 

If you have problems with double chin and think it is hard to get rid of them. 

Let's find out what face exercise can help you to get rid of them. 

1. Look up the Sky

2. Massage your Chin and Jaw 

3. Pinch your Cheek slightly

If you are concerned about your double chin,

I recommend you to Consult with Yakson House.

We have face resizing program which not only makes your face slim but also

give you defined look. 

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