[Yakson House] Christmas Cake/slim body/Pretty body shape care

You just can't celebrate christmas without Christmas cake.

It now became a custom to buy a cake to celebrate Christmas. 

So many bakeries in Korea are selling various Christmas cake. They are so beautifully 

decorated that I don't think I can eat them.

Just by looking at them makes me happy. 

Cakes can fall into different categories based on how they are prepared. 

Shall we find out what kinds of Christmas cake are out there?

1. Butter layer cake

Layer cakes are just as delicious as they are decorative and the perect dessert for any 

occasion. The moist layers of cakes are sandwiched with smooth Chocolate cream 

frosting, Jam or Butter cream. 

2. Millefeuille

Millefeuille means "a thousand leaves" in French. 

It is composed of layers of puff pastry and two intervening layers of pastry cream.

3. Pound Cake

Pound cake refers to a type of cake traditionally made with 1:1:1 ratio of 

flour,butter,sugar and eggs. 

Who can resist those buttery, moist and deliciously sweet cake?

However, Cakes have usually high in calories so, you gotta control yourself while eating


In cold winter, our outdoor activity dramatically decreases so our body tends to burn 

less calories. As a result, we gain weights. 

We recommend Pretty body shape care at Yakson House. 

Have yourself a slim and happy christmas!

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