[Yakson House] 10 Bucket Lists when you visit Korea ;)

Hey guys ~ ^^

Having a good day? 

Has anyone visited Korea before? 

If anyone has a plan to visit Korea, I'll tell you ten things that I recommend you to try ;)

1. collect Cosmetics Samples in Myeongdong Cosmetics stores just by walking in

2. Watch Street performance in Hongdae

3. Go clubbing with Korean College Kids in Hongdae

4. Make Korean friends

5. Go Shopping in Gangnam 

6. Try Korean Street Snacks

7. Take a tour to Korean traditional Temples

8. Get Korean Style fried chicken delivery

9. Eat Super Spicy Food

10. Drink beer or Soju on the tables in Convenience Stores

11. Buy Traditional Souvenir in Insadong

12. Visit Itaewon

13. Bike along the Han river

14. Learn to make Korean food

15. Take a tour to DMZ

One More thing! Don't forget to visit Yakson House When you visit Korea. 

Experience outstanding service and various programs!

There are over 20 branches of Yakson House in Korea. ;)

Yakson House NY Branch : 212-564-7474

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Yakson House LA Branch : 213-387-7900


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