Monday, November 17, 2014

[Yakson House] Lipsticks that make you look wide awake

Having a tired week?

I know everyone is living a busy life in school, work or home.

For women, wearing a makeup before work is sometimes tiring and we get lazy.

But you don't want to look tired and sick. right?

When you are too lazy to put on make up, putting only lipsticks can make a big 


Today, I will talk about popular lipsticks that many women love.

1. Dior lip gloss

This item has been loved by so many people for long time.

It delivers brilliant shine and a volumizing effect.

It is also hydrating and smoothing. 

2. Yves Saint Laurent 

This brand became so popular after Korean movie star "Jun Ji Hyun" wore it on drama 

series "You who came from the star". 

There are various colors.

This item is smooth, hydrating and lasts pretty longer. 

3. Hera rouge Holic

This brand is Korean Brand. 

A lot of korean stars wore it and became popular. 

They have so many pretty colors.

I personally think that make up has amazing effects!

Sometimes, it transforms people. 

It covers our flaws and brings out the goodness we have.


If you want to have a pretty and healthy face without makeup on, 

Try Yakson House's face programs.

Not only this programs make your face smaller and balanced, but also you can have 

healthy and glowing face. 

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