Tuesday, November 25, 2014

[Yakson House] pregnancy/postnatal care

Hello guys! :)

Today, I am going to talk about pregnancy and post natal care. 

Giving a birth is such a blessing for women. 

Raising a child as a parent can be an amazing experience.

Pregnant moms become cautious about what they eat or what they do to make sure 

nothing harms their babies. 

Belly becomes really big and heavy and put on  weights on moms too. 

This goes on until they labor. 

As much as the care during the pregnancy is important, post natal care is also important 


Moms need to eat a lot of nutritional food to return to body they used to be. 

In Korea, we have "Seaweed soup" in which women eat right after they give birth. 

Seaweed contains high amounts of calcium and minerals. 

More over, it contains Protein as rich as legumes. 

Besides nutritional reasons, A lot of women want to go back to the body shape before 

giving birth. 

often, Women get sagging hips, sagging breasts, and fat in the abdomen.

They lose resilience in terms of skin. 

Yakson House has post natal program in which can help women restore their bodies to 

its original health and slim line.

You can become a beautiful mother and a wife!

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