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Yakson House’s unique know-how will make you look your best
on your wedding day despite your busy schedule.


As you prepare for your wedding, your skin becomes extra sensitive due to the much stress you are exposed. This means that special care is required to ensure that you look your best for your wedding photo shoot and on the wedding day. Every woman wants to look the best on the most important day of their life captured in the wedding pictures as these pictures will last forever. The face, the shoulders, and everything else becomes the focus of attention, and so many worry that skin care alone is not sufficient. Worry not; 
Yakson House is equipped with its own tools of trade to make you look your best with beautiful face and shoulders in your wedding dress despite the short preparation that you may have.

" Program duration & Cost "

During 1hour~1hour 30minutes, program for best skin condition for make-up and photogenic bride is USD 130 for 1sessions/USD 800 for 8sessions.


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