Thursday, September 18, 2014

[Yakson House] Pretty body care/ Pretty body/ body/ slim body/ wedding

Hello, everyone!

Autumn is coming and maybe you will feel through the air these days.
You know.. fall is also wedding season!
so, many of couples are planning to marry in this season.

Wedding is happy event to all people of course, but brides have many thoughts for their event. Especially, one of them is losing weight for wearing wedding dress!

Today I'm gonna introduce "Pretty Body Shape Care" for all brides!!

<< Pretty body shape care >>

[Program duration & Cost]

During 1hour 45minutes-2hours, total body care for pretty body shape and muscle lifting is USD 270 for 1 sessions / USD 2,400 for 10sessions / USD 4,700 for 20sessions. Also, body including face is USD 310 for 1 sessions/ USD 2,800 for 10sessions / USD 5,500 for 20sessions.