[Yakson House] Wedding photo contest/ wedding/ wedding photo/ event

Yakson House Clients, show off your happiest wedding photos!

First place winner will receive $1000 gift card.
Second place winner will receive $5000 gift card.
Third place winner will receive $3000 gift card.
Location and date of ceremony will be informed later.

[Participant Qualifications]
Brides who have received care from Yakson House;
Brides to be who are receiving care from Yakson House.

[Event Duration]
Competition will be awarded 4 times a year every 3 months.
primary / 2014.01.01~03.31(date of publication April 7 awards)
secondary / 2014.04.01~06.30 (July 7 award date of publication)
tertiary / 2014.07.01~09.30(date of publication October 6 awards)
quaternary / 2014.10.01~12.31 (date of publication January 5 awards)

[Participation Guide]
Please upload your story and photographs at the Yakson House homepage
“Wedding Photo Contest” section.

Call: 1566-8500

※  We provide eosbeaute in out skin fit BB cream to all the participants.
eosbeaute in out skin fit BB cream 40ml / W60.000
Effects: whitening and anti-wrinkle
(※  ※ In the case of running out,
another product can be provided. )

URL: http://yaksonhouse.com/bbs/board.html?board_table=event&write_id=1


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